Price List for Translation

The price of a translation is based on the number of standard pages (1,800 characters with spaces) in the translated text, the final price of a translation is based on the deliverable translated text. Prices are subject to VAT.

1 page = 1,800 characters with spaces. Minimum charge 1/2 pages.

Source language Target language Price (VAT excl.)
Estonian English, Russian, Finnish, German  12,72
Estonian Latvian, Lithuanian  15,98
Estonian Swedish, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Danish from 19,18
Russian Estonian  12,72
Russian English, German 14,06
Russian French, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian  15,98
Russian Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian from 19,18
English Estonian  12,72
English Russian  14,06
German Estonian 12,72
German Russian  from 14,06
German English from 19,18
Finnish Estonian  12,72
Finnish Russian  15,98
Latvian Estonian  15,98
Latvian Russian from 19,18
Lithuanian Estonian  15,98
Lithuanian Russian from 19,18
Polish Estonian  15,98
Polish Russian from 19,18
Spanish Estonian  19,18
Spanish Russian from 19,18
Swedish Estonian from 15,98
French Estonian, Russian from 15,98
Italian Estonian from 19,00
Portuguese Russian from 19,18
Hungarian Russian from 19,18
Flemish Estonian from 19,18
Dutch Estonian from 19,18

All loyal customers of City Centre Translation Agency receive a 10% discount on all translations. An additional discount will be offered on lengthy projects according to the size and type of the project.