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Interpreting at Seminars and Conferences

Interpreting usually means consecutive, simultaneous, or whispered interpreting. For the most part, interpreting is needed at meetings, seminars, assemblies, product presentations, and most frequently at conferences. We offer conference interpreting into several languages at the same time.

You should indicate your need for an interpreter as soon as possible because the number of skilled interpreters is considerably smaller than that of translators. As a rule, their schedules are planned far ahead and they need time to get acquainted with the topic in order to provide an excellent interpretation. It is essential for the customer to give us as much information about the project as possible and instruct us as to where to find the materials, and pass on all the relevant written materials, reports, and presentations to the interpreter.

Interpreting for Notarial Transactions

We also offer interpreting services for notarial transactions. We can be fast and operational in finding a suitable interpreter for your notarial transaction, as a number of interpreters covering different language pairs also work on-site in our office. If you have arranged a notarial transaction for the same day and need to find a professional interpreter quickly and at short notice, you can count on us to find you one!



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