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Translation Services

Translation is a process, which consists in conveying the information contained in a practical or fictional text in the source language, presented or referred to by the customer, in a text in the target language (translation).

Translations are made by experts in their chosen field, and every text is given a pre-delivery check before delivery to the customer. On request, we will put the finishing touches to the translation, including pictures, schemes, and figures in the form of an original layout.

The normal pace of work for translations is 4 to 6 standard pages per day. If needed, we also accept urgent requests. However, due to limited time, it is not always possible to ensure that the quality of such translations is checked thoroughly, so urgent requests should be avoided if possible. Also, you should give your translation partner advance notice of a forthcoming translation project so to allow them to plan their time, select the translator most suited to the job, and make preliminary and preparatory work. We can ensure the best quality if we know the function and purpose of the translation, and we appreciate any kind of additional information about your translation project, including specific terms and abbreviations, either strictly professional or corporate. Cooperation produces the best results!

Calculation of the Length of Translation

The length and price of a translation are determined based on one standard page in the translated text (1,800 characters with spaces). To check the length of your source text, open the text file in MS Word, select the text to be translated, then select from the top menu Tools (or Review) -> Word Count -> Characters (with spaces).



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