Document translation

Document translation service and language pairs

We will provide you with document translations certified by a notary or a sworn translator.

In order for us to certify your document, it must bear the stamp of the issuing body, the signature of the issuer, and the date of issue.

We make translations from and into Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Polish, and French. 

Foreign documents and apostille

Documents that have been issued in a foreign country but have no apostille attached to them are void, and notaries will not certify translations of such documents.

All notaries in Estonia certify public documents with an apostille from 1 January 2010. A list of notaries and their contact details is available at
For more information about certification with apostille, click here.

Selection of document translations

  • standard translations as well as certified translations of documents
  • apostillation of documents
  • document translation with notarial certification
  • legalisation of documents
  • document translation with a sworn translator’s certificate
  • notarised copies of documents
  • document translation certified by the City Centre Translation Agency

How quickly will my documents be translated?

Our deadlines for document translation are flexible – as a rule, a certified translation of a small document into English, Russian, Finnish, or German will be ready the same day the document is submitted to us or within a couple of days.

Will my personal data remain confidential?

Our translation agency ensures the confidentiality of information contained in any materials submitted to us and secures protection of the customer’s data.

We have entered into confidentiality agreements with all our employees and translation partners. Where necessary, the customer can also enter into a confidentiality agreement with us.